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The 'Fire Gase' Guys Is Planning Billboards For Sunday

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16 hours ago, JetsYanks13 said:

One of the worst GM’s in NFL history you say, have you ever heard of Matt Millen? You say the QB finished 7-6 and burying the GM who drafted him. You can’t have it both ways. I’m not saying he was above average, but he drafted the D Line who overachieved, Bless Austin, One of the TE’s you referenced, Jamal Adams, maye, signed Robby undrafted, signed Crowder, Mosley. Defensive depth players who played above their talents were due to Macc.

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What makes Matt Millen worse than Mac? It can be argued either way who was the worst ever but there both up there and that says all you need to know about the talent on this roster 

And it’s not just talent. It’s how the resource we’re used in whole picture of building a team 

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