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The 'Fire Gase' Guys Is Planning Billboards For Sunday

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49 minutes ago, jetstream23 said:

Kyle Shanahan won fewer games last year than Gase has this year. Should the 49ers have fired Shanahan? 


I’m not saying that Gase should get 5 years but can we just show a little tiny bit of patience for once? 


I love how everyone likes to compare Gase to Shannahan. The 2 situations are completely different IMO.

Shannahan only got 8 total starts out of Jimmy G (5-0 in 2017) in his first 2 seasons. He was basically using his 2nd and 3rd string QBs for his first 2 seasons as HC. 

Even tho they lost a lot of games those first 2 years, they never looked terrible. They also had a ton of injuries. But Shanny Kept them competitive and the offense could actually move the ball. When darnold was out, the Gase led Jets were completely uncompetitive and packed it in.

Kyle Shannahan made Nick Mullins and CJ Beathard look respectable. Tannehill, Seimien, and Falk all looked like hot garbage with Gase.

When I watched the 49ers the last 2 years you could tell Shannahan was going to be a great coach. His play designs and play calling was very good. Shannahan actually game plans for his opponents, Gase runs out the same offense every week regardless of opponent. 

This is Adam gases 4th year as a HC. Not his first.  and the problems he had in Miami are the same problems that are occouring here. IE no in-game adjustments. 

Gases offense ranks dead last in almost every statistical category.


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1 minute ago, SAR I said:


Mr. Johnson made his point when he publicly said Coach Gase is returning next season.  Flying planes didn’t work; billboards won’t either. Face to face?  LOL. 

They don’t represent us


They don't represent YOU

But they do represent a lot of jet fans that understand Gase is hot trash. He is going to ruin Darnold. You will figure it out eventually. But not before the damage is already done. 


PS. In 4 years as a HC Gase has never had an offense rank higher than 24th. He's an offensive "genius" that doesn't know sh*t about offense. Wake up people.

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19 minutes ago, JoJoTownsell1 said:


Tell me more about the value of coaching rankings.....

Do you disagree with the list? I think Tomlin is a little low and Garret a little to high. Also Callahan should be lower. Other than that the list looks spot on to me.

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