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The 'Fire Gase' Guys Is Planning Billboards For Sunday

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9 hours ago, T0mShane said:

deh deh DEH


Raging again I see 😁

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7 hours ago, Maxman said:

I am never going to give up on the Jets. Ever. I will be there every single week that I am physically able to go.

Some day they will get it right. It won't be because of a mobile pizza truck.

I am not minimizing how frustrating it is to be a Jets fan. I have as many Jets conversations as anyone. Pretty much all I do is talk about the Jets. The forums, the contact form, social media, work, everywhere. I am just saying I won't give up. I see posts like this, I am done. They won't listen to me. Find some balance, find other things in your life that are important.

I have a million good things in my life. I am also a Jets fan. I want the Jets to win the next ten Super Bowls. None of that would matter without all the good stuff that I already have (health, good fortune, the ability to work hard).

I will root for this team until the good Lord takes me from this earth. Then I will probably root for them in purgatory. I plan on getting to heaven, depending on the wifi situation I will still follow along very closely.  :)


Fair point Max, I’m not giving up on my fandom. I’ve come to far and spent decades like you watching this sh*t get dished up to us year after year.

The last decade as been brutal. Perhaps the worst in many ways of my fandom. It’s now 2020, let’s hope Douglas as an idea how to GM? That within two years, we can build a competent team and be competitive. Go Jets!

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