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I hope Gase watched this game......

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On 12/21/2019 at 7:40 PM, SummerofSam14 said:

Josh Allen had the Bills in position to win with only 13 completions. 

Run the football to set up the pass. It’s worked since the beginning of football. 

I hope you watched the diff in the offensive lines. We might have the worst in the league. Why do you think a RB of Bell's caliber has yet to rush for 100 yds this season?

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The Bills are a running back away from being scary.

they have the D. They have the quarterback. They need a top notch running back to balance them out.

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I know stats do not tell the whole story and cherry picking Darnold's stat after the Jacksonville  game is that but in the last 8 games Darnold vs Josh Allen........


Darnold......167-270......62%......251 ypg.....13 tds.....4 int.......fumbles lost 2.....record 5-3


Allen......134-233.....58%.....199 ypg.....11 tds......2 int.....fumbles lost 1.......record 5-3

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11 hours ago, SAM SAM HE'S OUR MAN said:

The Jets won today but not because of Sam ; because of the lack of a QB on Pittsburgh . Sam still worries me .

What worries me are quotes like this.

They won because Sam put 16 points on the board and that was enough.  Against a real good D.  

Nothing about Sam worries me.  Hes a 22 year old, 2nd year QB who just beat a team no one thought the Jets would beat.  

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