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1 minute ago, JTJet said:

Calm down cupcake. 

Maybe not you per se, but the group of you that are on here just throwing your hands in the air like everyone is out to get you for being critical of Sam. 

I just dont see much of that happening. 

Your post was directed right at me, and now, “not you per say.”  Put up, or, literally, shut up.

As to your last point, I suggest you reread the thread if you genuinely believe that.

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Just now, Coquito said:

Just putting this out there now because I was just thinking it--- the most improved unit on this team since week 1 is the Offensive Line. I think Harrison has done an outstanding job at Center.

He has. He deserves credit.  Although in that last drive he made a rare mistake. Other than that he has been very good 

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1 minute ago, Ken Schroy said:

I'm still waiting for you to show where I said adarius stewart was good. Remember that? lol

Maybe I mistook you for someone else, I assure you spending the time to look through your posts to score a win over you really isn’t worth my time.  Talking about football opinions here, obviously.

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Just now, RutgersJetFan said:

I like that sequence by Gase there. Defense has been dominating with Hodges in there, mitigate the risk of Darnold cocking up an easy 3 from that spot, and play the odds that Hodges can't put up 7.

Haha. Here I was like, damnit Gase. I didn't like the play calling on that drive. Darnold seem like he was about to get into a groove. 

But you're right, get 3 points there if you can. The Steelers offense hasn't shown much with Duck in the game. 

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1 minute ago, NYJ1 said:

I see no good this FG serves? They should be going for it. I understand now the Steelers need a TD to win, but I would've preferred to see the Jets go for the Steelers jugular. Go for it on 4th down, score a touchdown and put the Steelers away.

Hodges hasn't shown he's able to drive this team down the field. 

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