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It's time to speak the truth about Jonotthan Harrison


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33 minutes ago, Untouchable said:

I agree, but unless we draft a kid like Biadasz in the 1st or Humphrey in the 2nd (most likely by moving up), then I don’t see where the upgrade is coming from.

The best centers set to hit FA are guys like A.Q. Shipley and Joe Looney, who has been backing up Frederick in Dallas. I wouldn’t spend a penny on either to replace Harrison as the starter.

I've been wondering to myself for awhile if now the Cowboys do legitimately make a play for Adams if they would be more willing to part with Frederick.  He had the health issue last year, has a big contract, but is worth every penny. 

Conversely, the Cowboys have already seen their OL can stay afloat without Frederick, and the guy who replaced him in 2018 is still on the roster.

I'm not saying I'd do it or what other parts would be included, just a scenario I think could be visited. 

It's possible that salary cap stuff might prevent such a trade, I am not an expert work salary cap trade ramifications by any stretch.

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32 minutes ago, Untouchable said:

Not a chance Biadasz is there in the 2nd, much less the 3rd.

He’s a better prospect than Bradbury was last year and he went 18th overall.

I could easily see a scenario like in 2018, where similar to Billy Price and Frank Ragnow, both Biadasz and Creed Humphrey go in the Top 25.

Biadasz applied for the draft advisory last year and they recommended "Stay in School" 

he had Hip clean up surgery last offseason 

he's not listed on the senior bowl rosters (yet) 

I mean... yeah he went to Wisconsin but how is that all going to happen? 

not everyone is desperate for centers. 

Billy Price is a bust btw 

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2 hours ago, Bowles Movement said:

he fact that they invested 8 Million in him, also needs to be factored in-No one likes to admit their mistakes until they have to, but at least they eventually did make the change. 

They only made the change because Kalil got himself injured and ended up going on IR.  It's not like the Jets willingly made the change back to Harrison.  It was by default.

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2 hours ago, CanadaSteve said:

Jesus....enough with this "The GM didn't properly evaluate him."  The GM was here for two weeks for crying out loud!

If you want to bitch about who didn't evaluate him, bitch about the former GM.  Bitch about Gase.  Bitch about the OC.  Bitch about all the other O coaches.  The GM got here and said "give me your evaluations on what you need."  He was told we need a centre, and he went out and got the best he could find after the table was picked clean at the garage sale.

If Joe Douglas goes out next year and craps the bed with his F/A signings and his draft, then we can start assessing this kind of blame.  If Joe Douglas keeps the original kicker and doesn't fix the problem, then you assign blame.  But to blame him for this season when he came in as late as he does is just postulating. 

Another reason in a long line of reasons why the NY Jets can't have nice things. 


The notion that Harrison is somehow good is silly.  He's a solid backup C/G. He's worth having on the team, but appears to me to be frequently overpowered. C remains a serious team need, just after LT. You want legitimately good starters at those two slots, not mediocrities.

If JD does not upgrade LT and C (for starters) in the offseason, then he'll deserve blame.

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Hindsight is 20-20. Harrison looked like THE major weak spot of the offense coming in. Getting a more proven player on roster wasn't a bad idea. The trouble was that the more proven player was out the door into retirement because there were no good options left, and he was given the fastest possible track to starting on an O-line that was hobbled and not able to actually start a game together until week 1 itself.

Basically our options were a backup with no leverage in the run game that had a decent amount of practice time with our guy at QB, or a veteran with a proven resume that was really old and decidedly out of practice in general.

Our situation at Center sucked. And with Harrison penciled in as prospective starter it still sucks. He might have been a better option in hindsight than the ghost of Ryan Kalil or Spencer Long, but that doesn't make him GOOD or an actual answer. Because once again is not a run blocker by any means.

Happy to have Harrison around when the poo hits the fan, but they need an actual starter there. He's nothing but a good backup.

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7 hours ago, KRL said:

Kalil was a worthwhile risk based on his resume.  But he needed 
to earn the starting job, not just have it given to him.  Harrison
was there all off-season and developed chemistry with Darnold and
the rest of the OLine.  That shouldn't have been ignored, the
handling of Kalil was definitely a fail by Douglas/Gase

Couldn't agree more...  More  so by AG and OL C.   That was irresponsible and it resulted in losses ….

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7 hours ago, nico002 said:

I said this since day 1

Kalil is a fraud and I’m hugely concerned that Douglas has no ******* clue what he’s doing based on this terrible terrible move. 

He made a lot of other moves that worked out better signing the starting LG Alex, TE Griffin, WR/PR Berrios, K Fickins(1 fr*ggin game too late), many backup ILBs that have helped a lot, CB Maulet, etc. He just has to better evaluate like you said cases that were badly judges like Kalil  and the 1st kicker for game 1 since those hurt pretty bad and likely cost us the 2 games that could have vaulted us into the playoffs. 

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