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Gase: I’m rich as f--k

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5 hours ago, ryu79 said:

I remember seeing a video where Gase and JD joked about bonding over being huge wrestling fans and especially the four horsemen. 

'im rich af' would def be a Ric Flair thing to say. 

I would give any amount of money to see Gase pull a Ric Flair on Mehta at a presser.




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Honestly one of the most insane and baseless hit pieces I’ve ever read. Even if you hate Gase this article is a pile of trash. Who ever wrote that should be fired. I can’t believe this was published b

Also, the used car salesman analogy is awful.  Gase is about the polar opposite of a use car salesman. He's more like the company IT guy who thinks he's smarter than everyone because he knows how

I didn’t even need to read one sentence before figuring out who wrote this. 

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