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Adam Gase - Burner Account? MERGED

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8 hours ago, Warfish said:

I'd say if he doesn't win 8 games next year, i.e. he Coaches his fourth strait losing NFL Season, he should be, and will be, fired.  You cannot be a loser for four full NFL seasons and keep getting more opportunities.  No matter how many excuses you might try and make (and Gase makes alot, his entire Head Coaching career is one excuse after another).

With all that said, your main point is spot-on:  Gase is not being fired now.  He is not going to be fired this off-season.  He will be the Head Coach in 2020.  So there is no point getting all twisted over it, it is what it is, lets see how the team does in 2020 and go from there.  If Gase once again is a loser (i.e. defined here as going 7-9 or worse), we can have this debate (and I'm sure we would if that comes to pass).

Till then, why stress over a not-going-to-happen scenario?  He's the Coach, we want the Jets to win, so lets see what happens.

agree 100%

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Wyatt is TOM SHANE making excuses for GASE!

plot twist: It's actually Manish's burner account pretending to be a Gase burner account so he can burn him with it when he wants to.

Me, at 9a this morning: Yikes, Manish is sad. Can web content get any lower?    Max, twenty minutes ago: OoOoOoH tWiTtEr tHiS iS spiiiiicy 

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3 hours ago, Jet Nut said:

Its like the whine about Adams.

Yes, he's a really good or even great player but some cry that its a non essential position

Then we want to ignore the injury point or make it planning issue.  As if there are so many teams that have contingency plans for losing their QB. I get what you're saying and usually would agree but most teams are so busy trying to shore up backups to the RB, WR LB, OL whatever position they don't get a chance to worry about QB.  They either are so stacked they can spend on a backup like NO did with Teddy or they luck out like Tenn did.  More than likely they just fade like the Colts.  So yeah, can't cry over injuries but they effected this team.  Darnold, Avery, Mosely, Enunwa, Herndon all where big parts of what we expected to line up this season

If it was just about losing qb fine but we are terrible everywhere. We didn’t even appear to be playing the sport of football when Darnold was out that’s inexcusable.

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The CBA is responsible for the country club training camp atmosphere. 

The CBA needs to be thoroughly examined so these players are more conditioned and game ready. 

Practicing in shorts and tee's and all the non-contact drills isn't benefitting the players in any way once the season starts. 

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Just now, Saul Goodman said:

Embarrassing. Not for Manish. That’s who he is. Embarrassing for the many posters here who believed that Adam Gase had a burner account. 

I’ll have to go back and check the original burner thread. Don’t think I was online when that happened. Need to keep note of who was stupid enough to actually think Gase had a burner 

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