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Bright spots in a lost season


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Depth has been a huge problem for these Jets but the rash of injuries we suffered opened opportunity for unheralded players to get noticed. 
James Burgess, Terrel Basham, Neville Hewitt,  Bless Austin, Shepard, Foley, Phillips, Cashman, Hairston, Maulet, while no ones perfect, all of these guys played their azzes off. 
You add an edge rusher & a top notch CB to this group with the return of CJ Mosely & you’ve got a lot of PCs for GW to work with. 
Mosely was a huge loss, Hewitt was burned badly in pass coverage whereas CJ was hurt defending a pass beautifully 35 yards downfield. I really had no idea how good CJ Mosely was but the dude STOOD OUT in that 1st half vs the Bills. 
Upgrade starting CB & move Bless to #2, add pass rush & 2nd year in GWs defense could be special.

On offense, we found no one. Griffin is a very good #2 TE with the return of Herndon, Wesco can be a solid #3 TE in 3 TE set, Is be fine not seeing Brown ever again.

Lewis & Compton proved to be good backups on the Oline. Harrison is a backup center, that’s why JD gave Kalil a shot. He’s just not strong enough to be an every day center. Every position on the Oline can be improved. 
Braxton Berrios was a great pickup. Not having my heart pumping on punt returns is always a good thing, he’ll be better with experience & he’s a nice backup for Crowder in the slot. A twofer as I like to say! 
Feel free to add others I might have missed. The lack of players on offense is so damning of Macc. The constant WR misses from Idzik & then Macc (Smith, Stewart, Hansen), and ignoring the Oline will give JD his chance to shine for us. If we know what we need, I’m sure JD feels the same way. Wish him luck. 

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