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K Bret Maher signed to futures contract


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17 minutes ago, flgreen said:

Ficken hit 70% of his kicks, (that sucks)  

This guy hit 67%

I wanted to see how Myers did vs. Ficken. With the numbers what they are.... would you still have wanted the Jets to sign Myers? Just curious.

Myers missed 5 kicks / Ficken 8 kicks.

Ficken makes $450k/yr.

Jason Myers signed a four year, $15.45 million contract with the Seahawks. $5.5 million is fully guaranteed at signing and $7 million is guaranteed for injury. If on the roster on the 5th day of the 2020 waiver period $1.5 million of his 2020 salary will become fully guaranteed.



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There are certain things you can't teach.  Having the leg power to hit 60+ yarders is one.  Maybe the Jets can fix something mechanically to cure some of the inconsistency issues.

If they can't, no big deal, move on.  Everyone assume Maher is competition for Ficken.  I think he's probably replacing Ficken and the completion will be Maher and someone else.

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36 minutes ago, DJF71 said:

Couldn't make FG's inside so I'm positive he will be much better in the Meadowlands.  He can just kick farther than most, but no better than anything we had all year.

Jason Myers had a bad year kicking in warm Jacksonville. Came to cold, windy new Jersey and was a pro bowler for us. 

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10 hours ago, Barkus said:

Former cowboys kicker. He has a big leg, made like a 60yder vs jets earlier this yr. Good to bring competition in for Ficken.

Good comp? This is a great move. 

The bar for Joe D is so low I think as a whole, just signing a kicked... something the last regime didn't do, is a sigh of relief.


Everything Joe D does is a sign of encouragement. Seems like not only does he know what he is doing but seems like he is comfortable with his role 

This is a such a nothing move but optimism fills me

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