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Off Topic Car Question

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11 hours ago, Lith said:

Planning to buy a used car this weekend.  Been checking out Carmax, looking at 2017-18 Altimas, Camrys, Malibu, etc.  Came across a 2016 BMW 320i with less than 20K miles on it for same price as these other cars.  Checked out the vehicle history report, and no issues/accidents or other concerns reported.  Anything I should know about the 320i -- pricing seems too good to be true.  @SAR I, or anyone elsse have any comments about the 320i before I head out tomorrow with intent of buying it.

Good luck.

I just bought a used car for my son who turned 17. Lucky for me @lawngnome o-line was selling a nice Honda Accord and we bought it from him. My son is loving life.

I looked all over Facebook Marketplace and it is super sketchy out there. Met one person to look at a car and I thought I was going to end up in the trunk. Two Russian guys came out. They made Ivan Drago look small.

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