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Off Topic Car Question

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Don't work off of payment.

Get your sale price without rebates and make sure it is good.

Then find out what incentives are available and what works better (low APR vs Rebates)

If you have a trade ask how much they would cut you a check for it if you just sold it, also look up some values online.

Lastly pick a dealer that can do all of this easily and at your pace. For example at my store we offer a tool right on the website to build your entire deal without a sales person needed.

Let me know if I can help.

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1 hour ago, The Crimson King said:

Don't forget that BMW's are a fortune to maintain compared to other vehicle. 

Another thing to test on the 320i is the autostart system. Your engine shuts off at stop lights and restarts when you take your foot off the brake. Service would give you these as loaner cars and it drove me nuts.  

Also, BMW had long since strayed from their strength and leaned more towards luxury by 2016. Aspects that made these cars the "drivers" cars were softened like steering and the chassis. The last competitive sports car they made was in 2002. Even the M's were unbalanced. After a long long run they disappeared from the C&D 10 best list and lived solely on rep.  See Don Sherman's article from 2016:


I love this brand. I am holding onto an older model because they just cannot match the feel from back then. When that goes, I am moving onto another marque. Pained me what Bangle did to the company and it hasn't recovered yet. 


and here's an article on the stop-start issue:


That article is from 7 yeas ago. Even HYUNDAI has that tech now

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