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2019 WILD CARD ROUND GAME THREAD (Sunday games!)


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Just now, CrazyCarl40 said:

He almost was a flop after his first two years. Tennessee decided toward the end of last year to ride him and hasn’t looked back. I still don’t think they use him enough on third downs. I know they have Lewis for that down, but Henry is better a receiver than most think. Especially in that screen game.  

He's a purebred. Gotta ride that horse.... TEN was sprinkling him before.

Also, I don't think the corpse-play of Mariota helped galvanize that offense. 

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2 hours ago, jetstream23 said:

The Bills barely beat the Jets in week 1,  and it was only because of the Jets kicker. Otherwise, they get swept this year. 

It doesn't work like that.  If we had beaten the Bills in Week 1, they wouldn't have rested their starters in Week 17.  

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Speaking of Booger, some years ago UT (Tennessee) was scoreless and trailing at the half.  My brother and I were in a car heading out of town, and on the radio some local analyst was asked what the Vols needed to do in the second half.  His response, "The Vols need to score some points if they are going to win this game."

We laughed about that all the way to the concert. 

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