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Demario Davis is a 1st Team All Pro


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13 hours ago, nico002 said:

So you’d trade a 1st rounder for him? You gameplan against Demario Davis as an offensive coach? Guy is solid and plays for the Saints- fake news 

Never said I'd trade a 1st to get him.  You're just not making a very good case for why he didn't deserve those honors.  

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13 hours ago, Alka said:

Perhaps the Saints are just smarter than everyone else.  They got Teddy Bridgewater for a third round pick, that we wasted on Polite, and then signed Demario Davis.  Bridgewater was worth the 3rd round pick.  See how the Jets did when Darnold went down?  We could have used Bridgewater. Davis was healthy; CJ Mosely didn't finish one game. The good organizations make the right moves, and the Jets seem to make all the wrong moves.

Let's cross our fingers that Joe Douglas does a better job.

I don't get it?  Are you trying to say that Maccagnan didn't value ILB ?  That is insanity.  He paid a ton to David Harris.  He drafted one with #20 overall, and Adams actually plays there a bunch.  When he elected not to pay Davis the 2nd time, he paid a ton to Avery Williamson, and there was no noticeable drop off.  Then he paid Mosley a ton.  I don't think anybody has much of a problem with Neville Hewitt and Blake Cashman is considered a draft success.  

The Saints are a better run organization than the Jets.  The difference is almost entirely on the offensive side of the ball and first team all pro or injured, ILB and Demario Davis do not play into that at all.

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2 minutes ago, nico002 said:

He’s not an elite game changing player. 

It's difficult for an ILB to demonstrate that.  But he did have 87 solo tackles, 4 sacks, 1 INT, 11 TFL's and 9 QB Hits this season.  He did a little bit of everything while being the QB of the defense that was ranked # 10 in DVOA.

The same argument for Demario Davis can be applied to Jamal Adams.  Both elite at what they do.  But what they do has limited impact on the W/L column.  

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14 hours ago, #27TheDominator said:

Demario Davis is worth so much that Gregg Williams and @Villain The Foe's boy John Dorsey traded him straight up for Calvin Pryor who they cut like a month later 


As much as people like to point at everything we do as wrong, rather than just the obviously wrong things done, Demario Davis was not the same player on the day he was traded - nor was he a year later after his year in Cleveland - than he became upon returning to the Jets and sustained while in New Orleans. It's also a legitimate concern that a player was previously meh, then stepped it up at age 29 for his final cash-in opportunity, then returns to his mean at age 30-32. At the time we let him go, his most recent season for the Jets was an extreme outlier.

Williamson didn't pan out as hoped because of his injury, but even I can't fault Maccagnan for that decision at that time. Williamson had a longer body of work as an above-average player, was years younger, and was entering what was expected to be his 3 prime seasons, and not for nothing but he was cheaper as well. There were few complaints about him as we headed into August of 2019, and if there were any I don't recall seeing one of them.

Good for Davis that he kept playing at a high level, but more often than not a situation like that is a trap contract extension the team would soon regret. 

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