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Vrabel did to Belichek what Belichek did to the Jets

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15 minutes ago, Big_Slick said:

I questioned the strategy to run time off the clock. The Titans only had a one point lead and NE had 3 TO's land 6 minutes remaining before the multiple penalties ran the clock to just under 5 minutes.

I though the the cheats* would drive down the field and run down the clock and then kick a game winning FG.

Also a very questionable decision by the head cheat* was not to have a punt returner back and the ball ended up being downed inside the 1 yard line rather than the 10-15 yard line. Even with 9 seconds left a possibility existed that the ref's give Cindy two long PI's and then kick the FG with no time on the clock.

I agree. It worked like a charm but could have easily backfired. NFL will close this loophole now that it hurt the Patsies

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3 hours ago, Integrity28 said:

He’s a football coach. Not a brain surgeon. He approaches the strategy part of the game like an advanced D&D player. Hardly a genius. More about the work ethic to dig deeper into the rules than most. I’ve got friends with autistic kids capable of the same.

If he were a genius, he’d find a way to avoid answering questions from the press, while still being a halfway decent human.

If BB wasn't such an a**hole he would be retired and we would not have to look at his mug again.

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3 hours ago, TuscanyTile2 said:

Like everyone, I'm often wrong about football.  But I'll pat myself on the back here for being pro-Vrabel.  

What's that about a broken clock?   hahaha  :)  

Good stuff man! 

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