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Mekhi Becton OT Louisville

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19 hours ago, RobR said:

It is INCREDIBLY hard to find decent tape out there on Becton so I'll wing it with what I can find.

Pros: Mammoth human being who looks the part. He has a great first step and has a clean kick slide while using his arms well at full extension. Moves his feet very well for someone his size and is great when riding his man around the pocket. He can completely punish people in the run game and has the ability to throw 250lbers around like ragdolls. Has a bit of a mean streak although I overplayed it in earlier posts. Started almost every game since his true freshman season and has played both RT and LT. He'll turn 21 a week before the draft making him one of the youngest prospects.

Cons: He's RAW and is terrible when it comes to countermoves (reminds me of Shell). Always seems a step slow at the second level. He can't lay a cut block to save his life. He needs to learn how to hold better (get his hands inside and latch on)  and keep engagement instead of just punching and lunging.

Overview: Many have asked if he's worth the 11th overall and while I waffled on it earlier I just can't see it. The combine will answer many more questions when we can watch him move through the positional drills, although I think he'll look good. He'll struggle as a rookie in pass pro but two years from now I wouldn't be surprised if he's one of the best tackles from this draft with good coaching. I like him at RT more even though he played the majority of his snaps at LT. Late teens, early 20's type of pick unless he elevates during the long offseason. Reminds me a bit of DJ Fluker.


These guys always make me nervous. The raw, 'massive human' prospects who are a bit overweight and a bit too slow. However, watching film on this guy he actually moves really well on the field. I like him as a Rd. 2 prospect, but would not be at all surprised if someone took him late in Rd. 1. However, if I had a choice between him and another raw OT prospect in Prince Tega Wanogho, I'd go with Prince. Very different raw prospect in the sense that he has limited experience and is tall and lean rather than bulky. He would need to get stronger once in the NFL. But the guy is a great athlete with great feet and long arms. Strong as a pass blocker and really good in space. I think he is the type of blocker Gase would like because of his ability to move and zone block effectively.   

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14 hours ago, PS17 said:

Wild how so much changes in a few months. Becton and Tega both viewed as ~2nd round prospects. One becomes elite and the other almost goes undrafted. 

You gotta think it was the injury. Assuming he was healthy I'd be happy with Prince in Rd. 2. But yeah, I'll admit, I definitely was sold on the hype leading up to the draft on Becton as a legit first rounder.

On the other hand, you look at a guy like Thomas who most of the year was easily the top OT prospect in the draft, with all the noise about him sliding to the Jets and possibly even sliding to the late teens, ends up going top 5 and the first OT going off the board. With Thomas, in the end, nothing changed. LOL.  

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