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10 Non-Jet NFL Players I Have Hated over the Years

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Edelman & Welker....oh how I wish there’d been a safety or linebacker take the penalty just to break either of those two in half the next time they came across the middle....Eric Smith did it once I think to Welker and the poison dwarf was a non-factor after it.

Also Bill Romanowski....just a vile man, dirty horrible player.....although had he broken either Edelman or Welker in half then he’d be forgiven 

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8 hours ago, joewilly12 said:

Lawrence Taylor was a BEAST he played the game like no other. ( on drugs they say but still he was fun to watch) 

LT was responsible for half of the Tuna's legend. Tuna best coaching move to ignore LT snorting coke before, during (at half time) and after the games.

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1 hour ago, Jetpain said:

Don't forget Duper & Clayton

Steve Grogan

juliam Edelman 

Brian Sipe   Hated those brown teams 

Eric Dickerson  we could never stop him

cam Newton   


Oh I havent forgot Duper and Clayton. 

I hate them whole heartedly

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