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What a game but it’s hard to be a Jets fan and watching this game without any sadness. Both these guys are great. Either would be king of NY at this point. **** man.

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1 minute ago, Patriot Killa said:

I wouldn’t mind seeing Tennessee make an improbable run but very, very unlikely.

I played ball with Anthony Firsker's (Titans TE) brother so I'm all aboard the Titans bus rn.

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I like Minnesota. Their defense was terrific in New Orleans and I expect them be good again as they take out the 49'ers.
Baltimore over Tennessee. It won't be easy but the Ravens find a way.
Kansas City over Houston. Alot depends on Fuller. If he is out KC blows them out. If  Fuller is there and give Watson someone else to go to they keep it close.
I love Green Bay big over Seattle. I don't think Seattle has played well the last month. They had to bring Lynch out of mothballs because they have no running backs left. If Wentz hadn't gotten hurt I think the Eagles beat them. Seattle luck runs out.

Interesting take.

I see the miners taking out the Vikings handily

Ravens will squash the titans (I’ll be watching Conklin)

KC will dominate Texans

The last one I’d the only one I see as a pick em. I think Seattle takes it in an emotionally charged 4th quarter type of thing.

Ps. The Vikings just scored their first TD and I see it as a lucky play. I still think the miners run away with it.

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5 hours ago, playtowinthegame said:



Here we go! Last weekend I managed to pull off a remarkable 0-4! I hope I can balance it with a 4-0 this weekend!

My divisional round winners: Vikings, Ravens, Chiefs, Seahawks

I was 0-4 as well.  I have no idea about this weekend.  I think I like the Chiefs though.  

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2 hours ago, PS17 said:

Niners (but Vikings cover)

Ravens in a blowout

Chiefs in a blowout


I tend to agree with you on all 3 of the 4 picks (and possibly all 4) but I can't decide if I think the Titans are going to stick with the Ravens after beating the Pats last week.  Then again, I usually avoid the wildcard round winners because they tend to get overrated after winning the prior week.  

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Just now, TuscanyTile2 said:

It doesn't feel like there's that much "juice" in the crowd today.  Fans seem fairly quiet.

I know Candlestick was an outdated dump, but man, that place used to get going. These new stadiums are pretty but juiceless.

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Just now, TuscanyTile2 said:

The way Deebo Samuel runs reminds me of Quincy Enunwa .  Such physical, punishing RAC guys.

Great player for the 49ers. Hopefully he stays healthy in the long term because his way of playing would load the punishment on his body over time.

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