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2 minutes ago, Bugg said:

The bulk of people who bet on pro sports are acting emotionally, or a confirmation bias. There are a few sharps who are breaking down data, but they are few. And in theory they can get an advantage because bookies set point spreads hoping to get said emotional bettors to wager equal money on each side of a proposition, not necessarily that one team is 3 points better than the other. My one bookie client knew almost nothing about sports spare hoping to not have to figure out how to lay off an imbalance of wagers. 

We need a gambling thread.  Would LOVE to hear the details from people like you and CTM.

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Utter embarrassment by KC, what did they do on their bye week
eat donuts and drink beer???  They committed FIVE huge mistakes
in less than a quarter:

- Two drops that would've continued a drive
- Blown coverage in the secondary for a TD
- Not blocking on a punt leading to a TD
- Not fielding a punt leading to a TD

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1 minute ago, New York Mick said:

I wasn’t expecting this lol

No one could have.  Same with the Titans game.  Even if you thought the Titans win, no one would have thought it'd be in so dominant a fashion. 

STILL time for the Chiefs but this would be one of the all-time biggest postseason comebacks to do it.  I don't see the Texans being done scoring, that's for sure.

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