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Just now, Patriot Killa said:

The Texans are blasting KC but more importantly KC is blasting KC. 

Drop after drop, Fumble after fumble, they’re shook right now. If Houston goes up 28-0, it’s over. 

Idc how good the chiefs are on offense It’s over.

True. Although if they get it to 24-0 it might be too late. Their defense is exhausted 

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3 hours ago, 14 in Green said:

Yes, always the spread.

I was 3-0 last week, remember I was joking before the second game on Sunday I would win enough for a trip to Aruba? LOL

Today I have a two team tease with Seattle plus 10 and KC -3

If I lose the first half of the bet, I'll load up on Seattle late at +4


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1 minute ago, southparkcpa said:

Hate to sound like a dick, but when I learned Andy Reid’s sons were drug addicts or Something  like that, I lost a lot of respect for him.  

Hard not to have some compassion.  Parents get blamed for a lot of undeserving things.  Drug addiction shouldn't really be one.  Depending on the circumstances, of course.  It wouldn't help if Andy had a meth lab in his basement, of course.... 

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