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26 minutes ago, southparkcpa said:

Thank GOD we had Hackenburg and didn’t waste our time on one of these bums. 

Not Maccagnan’s fault..for taking the job, stealing money and maybe setting the Jets back 10 years, even though he only had the job 5.

This is on Jet ownership.  The stupidest owners in the league, who would not own ANYTHING if they had any other last name.  It’s on them for not doing any due diligence.  

That Stumblebum Maccagnan, who was about to be fired in Houston, was even dumber than he looks.

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Just now, Jets723 said:

Well we need to help him out too. Mahomes is great but he was also put into a great situation with great weapons at his disposal 

Eh we've gone down this rabbit hole too many times before.  Suffice it to say even when factoring in circumstances I'd much rather have Mahomes/Watson plus the three 2nd rounders we gave up for Sam.  

All in the past now.  

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