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Just now, Irish Jet said:

How do you take a chance there and not go for it earlier?!!

Yep.  And when you go for it, you put the ball in the hands of Watson, not your special teams.  

Going for it is almost always a good decision.  But the playcalling/execution by some of these coaches is just dreadful.  

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Just now, Jetsfan80 said:

Eh we've gone down this rabbit hole too many times before.  Suffice it to say even when factoring in circumstances I'd much rather have Mahomes/Watson plus the three 2nd rounders we gave up for Sam.  

All in the past now.  

You can say that any team who passed on them.  I think we got lucky getting Sam

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Just now, Jetsfan80 said:

We were very lucky to get Sam.  If the Giants had taken Sam we'd have Josh Allen right now.  

Agreed.  Now I give the bills credit because they built a very good team but Sam is a better overall QB and once we get the poor kid an actual oline and a couple more weapons...sky is the limit 

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Just now, Losmeister said:

arguable. people here were saying to go on 4th earlier w/ the FG. 

shrug. being aggressive has both sides othe coin. cos ...if you fail...

Yeah but KC had just scored and got some momentum back they should have made them start without good field position 

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