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R. Tannehill- was almost coached out of the league by idiot Gase

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3 minutes ago, CTM said:

He had 80 yards passing tonight for fooks sake

On, what, 14 attempts?

He was really mediocre against NE too.

Derrick Henry is a GROWN MAN and he turns it up at the end of the year like no other. Idk why, idk how. But there is why they just did what they did. 

Defense/Derrick Henry. As Jet fans you should all understand that formula works and it will forever work as long as the QB can make a few key throws.

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6 minutes ago, CTM said:

Derrick Henry is on an all time run here, not going to last. Tannenhill will have to throw at some point and will likely fail. We'll see. I like underdogs though so I hope it keeps up.

I just don’t see them getting through KC.

i didn’t see them getting through BAL either though. I also enjoy the underdog, I was rooting for them tonight — agreed — doubt Tannehill can be effective enough when he needs to be in order to make it to the SB.

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