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R. Tannehill- was almost coached out of the league by idiot Gase

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On 1/12/2020 at 11:04 PM, DRJETS said:

love it when poster start I'm not a fan of Gase but post fake news to defend him.  

Two season prior to the Fraud taking over the Dolphins Tannehill 2014            4,045 yards 27TD 12 INT in 16 games

                                                                                                                             2015    4208  Yards 24 TD 12 INT 16 games

Two season of Tannehill playing for the Fraud                                                    2016    2995 Yards 19 TD 12 INT in 13 games

                                                                                                                             2018   1979 Yards  17 TD   9 INT in 11 games 


Under Arthur Smith a rookie OC                                                                           2019   2747 Yards   22 TD   6 INT  in 12 games

Tannehill regressed under the Fraud lost his job was traded and had to prove himself again.  

The same scenario that the Fraud took over in Miami, it is the same scenario that landed him with the Jets to improve on a talented young QB.  During those 5 years his offense ranked at the bottom of the league, if I'm not mistaken the highest has been 26 with last year coming DEAD LAST.  

I have posted this before and the gase supporters do not want to believe facts at all.Ryan T was better under Philbin. How can and offensive guru finish dead last or next to last in offensive rankings multiple years?

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3 hours ago, Scoop24 said:

But he was talking about Philbin not Gase lol 

????how so Tannehill had his best season with Philbin if the program was toxic it started the 2nd yr Gase was there. But what do I know I only lived about 2 miles from where they practiced in Ft Lauderdale in Plantation at the time

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