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R. Tannehill- was almost coached out of the league by idiot Gase

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11 hours ago, BornJetsFan1983 said:

It should be criminal to let Gase cosch.

Tannehill beat Brady and now Lamar Jackson with Henry as his back. We can't put up a TD against those teams with L Bell and Darnold.

This kid, Tannehill, looked like hot trash his whole career... Gase literally ruined and wasted him with terrible everything.

Imagine if Sam Darnold went to the Titans? 

Gase need to be fired. It's criminal.


More fakenews from the anti-Gase brigade...

A quick study of the facts, Tannenhill spent 3 years under Gase, his first year, one of his better years, the Dolphins made the playoffs.  He missed the next season to knee injury, and the following season was banged up and hurt for most of the year again.  It was never Gase tried to ruin Tannenhill, it was Tannenhill was injury plagued for most of the time Gase was in Miami.

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