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R. Tannehill- was almost coached out of the league by idiot Gase

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People are jumping on the Tannehill bandwagon now but they weren't a year ago. I thought this season with Sam he looked at times confused (kind of like Josh Allen did last week) and made really dumb mistakes. Forced throws, etc made crazy attempts that turned into turnovers. At the time we heard that he was being coached up by Gase esp to get rid of the ball rather than to take a sack and he was doing that and it led to picks. We didn't see those kind of errors in year one esp down the stretch. We don't really know the whole story whether it was just Sam being a second year inexperienced Qb or Gase's influence. But Sam has always been pro Gase and calls him a good mentor and coach. We also don't know the whole Tannehill story but didn't Gase decide that Ryan was his starter and the problem was injuries not bad coaching. When he did play he was ok. I always thought he was an average to better than average NFL starter and thought the Fins should have stuck with him. Actually Fitz did a good job with Miami last year and if he stays and they draft Tua could be their starter in '20 and a great teacher for a rookie Qb. That's why the Jets wanted to re-sign him but cheap after 2016.

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