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R. Tannehill- was almost coached out of the league by idiot Gase

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2 hours ago, Philc1 said:

Well it’s the most impressive 7-9 ever

The Bill Parcels 7-9 was good too.

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On 1/13/2020 at 11:07 AM, jetstream23 said:

"You are what your record says you are"

I'm wondering why Frank Reich still has a job in Indy after their 7-9 season?

Why not? It's entertainment...

Head Coach: he's the officer of this battery/platoon. who even knows or cares what he says or does. Except when it's extra duty or a parade.

Offensive/Defensive Coordinator: the sergeant is the guy/gal working the troops. The guy either bustin balls or looking the other way.

Players: I think you get it by now.

I saw improvement. I didn't recognize it at first. Thought at first it was "i guess they can't lose EVERY game..." but they did look like a team with a few weapons and the capability, with upgrades at key positions, that could approach 10 wins sometime in the near future...

I mean, NE certainly isn't the impenetrable wall it always is/was. As long as we actually upgrade the OL [which really can't be that difficult, seeing as how putrid it was] and retain/obtain a reliable receiving corps, we should be good. We have Crowder and Smith, Berrios, certainly not household names, but the TE production seems reliable. Just would be nice to have that Manster WR...

The defense really played playoff caliber football for several games. And is set to receive some percentage of returning ILBs, making that corps pretty formidable. Now, get some edge rushers and a CB and you are there.  

The man won 7 games, maybe in spite of himself. but that's an improvement none the less.

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4 minutes ago, munchmemory said:

Not until he's fired after this upcoming season will the enormity of Gase's ineptitude be fully appreciated by the fans still holding out hope that he's not a complete dunce/idiot/NFL HC disaster.

wow, really putting a lot of your own personal desires here.

Tell me, how is Gase going to implode? I'm curious because he certainly had the opportunity to implode this year, lose the locker room, win A game instead of the SEVEN he won, improving as the year went on and the stupid mistake he made in starting Kalil and Winters.

And nobody REALLY believes Darnold had Mono, do they???!

that's genius.

don't let your personal distaste for Gase unduly influence your judgement of how well he might do his job, which is to stand back and let his coordinators coach and have press conferences. I LIKE HOW THE TEAM IMPROVED O'ER THE COURSE OF THE SEASON, finishing strong and looking like it could be dangerous with the expected and necessary upgrades to the OL.

why people have this hatred for a guy who has already improved the team, giving it confidence it hasn't had since 2010.

I repeat, how, exactly is Gase going to implode, since you're so sure??????

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3 hours ago, munchmemory said:

Go back and look at the "job" Gase did in Miami.  Scorched earth is putting it mildly.  You can believe that all is well with Gase-aster and that he's improved this team.  God speed.  IMO, with Gase at the helm and his decision-making, the Jets are as big a joke as they've been. History has a way of repeating itself, especially with clowns like Gase (or the dopes who own this franchise) who should never have been given the job in the first place.   

I'm not really looking for reasons not to like Gase, especially when it would entail doing in-depth research into what happened with the Miami Dolphins. I mean, it's really that important to you?

It didn't work out, plain and simple. If you don't recall, it didn't work out for Belicheck his first two stops either. It certainly shows no signs of not working out here, except in these rooms where the "fans" are and where reality is suspended for positive events.

I don't even like the guy. But the criticisms are so simplistic and myopic and agenda-driven, it makes me sick to my stomach that it passes for reasoned.



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