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R. Tannehill- was almost coached out of the league by idiot Gase

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2 minutes ago, Scott Dierking said:

This site is something else. 

I have seen some say that DVOA is the be all of statistics. OK

I have seen some say that because Darnold did not face many defenses with top DVOA defenses in 2019. OK

I have seen some say that Gase ruined Tannehill, and now Tannehill is this great QB that was being hindered under a terrible coach. OK

The 2019 defensive rankings that Tannehill played this year? 21, 5, 25, 14, 29, 17, 31, 26, 11, 26.

So 1 top 10 defense and only 3 defenses in the top 1/2 of the league.

If you want to make sense of the contradictions, here’s the missing piece... The only purpose of the Tannehill love letters is to blame Gase, not Darnold, if Darnold fails to improve.

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