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Eagles looking to go Back to Kelly Green as Alternate Uniform...


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Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie aims to bring back Kelly green uniforms by 2020

A longtime proponent of the team's old colors, Lurie anticipates the throwbacks as new alternates

Philadelphia Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie has been talking for three years about bringing back the team's old Kelly green uniforms.

On Tuesday, however, he indicated that his dreams could finally come true by 2020.

As reported by PhillyVoice and other outlets from the annual NFL owners meetings, Lurie said he's optimistic Kelly green will return to the Eagles' wardrobe within the next two seasons as part of a new alternate uniform, assuring fans that resurrecting the throwback colors remains a "high priority."

The holdup in the process has been an NFL rule prohibiting teams from using more than one helmet -- a rule the Eagles have been fighting since 2014.


"The whole key is that we want a Kelly green helmet to go with the Kelly green jerseys," Lurie said Tuesday. "We're trying to get the league to allow a second helmet. That's where it's at, so they very much know we want this and we want it badly, and we're waiting ... they know with the Eagles, it's important to us. We really want to be able to have Kelly green jerseys at times, and to make it look really right, you should have matching helmets."

The one-helmet rule is something that ultimately falls under the jurisdiction of NFL commissioner Roger Goodell, Lurie suggested.

And the Eagles owner isn't the only one in Philadelphia who has clamored for throwback uniforms. Wide receiver Alshon Jeffery and cornerback Jalen Mills are among several players who've called for a return to Kelly green in recent seasons.

Kelly green was the team's primary color from 1935-1995, before the Eagles switched to their current shade of midnight green under Lurie's direction in 1996. The old colors were revived as part of an alternate uniform for the first game of the 2010 season, but since then, the team has used only all-black unis as its alternate.

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14 hours ago, SAR I said:


They are just jealous that the Jets have the best green uniform in the NFL.

But, man, if the NFL would allow two helmets per team that would make my day.  Titans can come back, '68s can come back, would be very cool.


And we can get an 80s throwback too.  

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