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In Joe Douglas We Trust


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Joe Douglas

Greenbean is back on the road again, this week recording from West Virginia. The talk is usually about how the Jets front office will ruin the offseason. This year there is good news. Finally some good news and Greenbean gives a few reasons why we should have a little more faith. That faith is because of Joe Douglas! In Joe Douglas we trust.

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Have a plan.  Follow the plan. Don't panic and don't overspend.

If he appears to do that then I'll trust him.  I think we'll know pretty quickly in the first 1-2 weeks of Free Agency.

He doesn't need to solve every problem the Jets have in one year, although we'd love that.  But I want to see Joe demonstrate that he knows the priorities, that he is capable of plugging immediate, critical holes, and that he understands where the value is in everything from first, second and third tier FAs to the re-signing of his own players to where to choose certain positions in the Draft.

Those are areas where previous guys absolutely failed.  Macc was hard-coded to his Draft Board with almost no flexibility. He couldn't see that the #4 guy on his board could be better for the team than the #2 guy because of both positional value and positional need.  He made wildly speculative picks the minute he got out of Round 1 (his "safe guys only" round) and took swings at guys like Hackenberg and Polite.  As for Idzik, he was so cost-conscious and value driven that he found no opportunities to turn 12 average draft picks into 9 or 10 very good, targeted ones.

Joe will have to move around in this Draft to do what we need if my calculations are correct.  #11 could be a spot where the all the first tier OTs are gone and where it's too early to dip into that second group.  He should "take what the Draft gives him" and potentially trade back or seize the opportunity for another position like WR.

Okay, I'm heading into the weeds now. :P


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i'm willing to give him a shot, but trust is earned - not handed out like a blowjob by a two-thirty dirty. 

He's already behind the 8-ball with not turfing Gase because of his mirage wins over 3rd string QBs. I need to see what his drafts look like. 

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