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Potential Picks From The Draft Simulator

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8 minutes ago, Obrien2Toon said:

That’s about as bad as it could possibly fall for us

This makes sense to me.  The toughest players to pick up in Fa are Ots, qbs and WRs.  Those will be the top 10 picks.  

Okudah would be the call there, or a trade down that is reasonable, even if below point value.  Don’t fall in the Mac trap. 

If I am JD I am signing Beachum AND Conklin or another Tackle AND at least 1 guard.  If a tackle drops use Beachum as a swing back up, or play the drafted tackle at Guard.  Take the best players at impact positions.   JD cannot expect to fill all the holes in one year.  Bring in the best players he can and next year fill holes.  

CB1 would be a great position to draft. 

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1 minute ago, New York Mick said:

In a 3-4 defense he’s a DE that’s a DL. If he was an OLB it would be different. 

 But are the Jets really a 3-4 defense?  If they drafted Epenesa the Jets could credibly be a 4-3 defense and look more like the 49ers.   the LBs they have could be 4-3 off ball LBs.   It is actually a better construction of the roster given who they have and where the money is being spent.

Based on prior years, players like Biadasz and Niang could conceivably fall at the end of the first round.  Biadasz needs to show who is the real player here.  

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