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Rhule goes with LSU Passing Game Coordinator Brady for OC.

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1 hour ago, Beerfish said:


Idzik actually had a plan and drafted priority value positions.

What was the plan when he went 1 for 12 (8.3% success rate) in the 2014 draft?

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14 hours ago, Beerfish said:

Seemingly you did not read my post at all, in the least.

I said up front he could not draft his way put of a paper bag.

As for his plan?

He got rid of Revis for a 1st and 3rd, he shed other over priced vets and accumulated compensatory picks.

In his two drafts he picked:

A pass catching TE

3 WR's

FOUR olineman

A couple of CBs.

His drafts, just like macs were a big fat fail but his team building and positional value strategy was 100 times better than mac.

Actually, I did read your post, I just disagree with your premise.

In 2014, with 12 picks:

1st round pick was a strong safety (Pryor) - positional value??

2nd round pick was a TE (Amaro) - positional value??

3rd round pick was an already injured CB (McDougle) that was an accident waiting to happen

In a deep draft for WR, he waited until the 4th round to pick.... Jalen Saunders, a (terrible) punt returner and Shaq Lawson.

Idzik was just as clueless on positional value as big Macc.

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15 minutes ago, Beerfish said:

A pass catching TE has a lot of positional value, the player sucked.

A CB has a lot of positional value, the player just sucked.

Your argument once again is based on the players being bad.

Idzik drafted a CB at 9, he drafted more olineman in two drafts than mac did in 5

The 1st round safety is obvious, but with 12 picks there is no need to pick a (mediocre) pass catching TE in round 2.  Your argument is that Idzik sucked less because he picked his terrible players in a more appropriate draft slot than Mac.  

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