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Rhule goes with LSU Passing Game Coordinator Brady for OC.

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On 1/15/2020 at 12:45 PM, nico002 said:

Name one good nfl coach that didn’t spend YEARS grinding as a coordinator or player. 

I'm late to this topic, but...

  • Andy Reid, right off the top of my head
  • And John Harbaugh was just a special teams coach (which is only very recently called "coordinator" and no one on earth thinks of ST coaches on the same level as OCs/DCs)
  • Tomlin had all of 1 year as a DC when he was made HC
  • Vrabel also just 1 year as a DC. He was a player for a long time, but arguing that being a player makes you an acceptable coach is an uphill climb of an argument to say the least, and he's the only player on this list
  • LaFleur bouncing 1 year as a DC for 2 teams surely isn't what you meant by YEARS in caps (especially when the more recent of the two was as an OC overseeing an offense in the bottom half dozen in the league)
  • Anthony Lynn almost one year as an OC
  • Matt Nagy one year as an OC (Anyone here think he was the straw that stirred the drink in KC? I didn't think so.)

How many more than one are you looking for? 

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2 hours ago, nico002 said:

Reid- 6 years as an assistant

harbaugh- 10 years as a coordinator 

Tomlin- 5 years as position coach/coordinator 

Vrabel- year as dc multiple years as player

lynn- 16 years as position coach and 6 years as assistant head coach 

Matt Nagy - 6 years as position coach and 2 years as coordinator 

your examples are absolutely terrible and support my argument


You specifically said as a coordinator. Not an assistant. Not a mere position coach. A coordinator OR a player for many years (though I have doubts about the latter's inherent value in becoming a HC, otherwise all the good coaches would be ex-players). If you want to keep moving the goal posts and changing the parameters any time you're proven wrong it is an unserious argument you're making.

There aren't any head coaches I'm aware of who haven't worked for multiple years as an assistant coach of some type at the pro level, or as at least a  coordinator if not HC at the college level. There is no such thing, any more than there's such a thing as a brown and green sky, so it hardly seems a point of any significance. The day some GM takes a kid right out of college classes and turns him into a HC you can say I'm wrong.

And special teams coach isn't a coordinator. Not really, and everyone knows it. Special teams coaches are half coaching roster bubble and later round rookies, not so much managing high-dollar veterans and their attitudes and senses of entitlement (earned as it may be in many cases). There are good STCs and bad ones, but none are on the same coaching plane or have to contend with nearly the same variables as an OC or DC. There are no crucial decisions on an extended drive or even a single series of downs. In comparison to OCs/DCs, how often do we hear about the brilliant gameplan a STC came up with for a specific opponent? Yeah, pretty much never. I can't recall ever hearing it, actually. 

The rest of your above reply are just poor obfuscation attempts: mushing longer experience of decidedly lesser, non-coordinator/HC positions together with the minimal ~1 yr experience as an actual coordinator, to try making it seem like there was equal time spent being totally in charge of half the team of veterans.

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32 minutes ago, nico002 said:

“Assistant head coach” for 6 years is not comparable to “assistant OL coach” which is all that Rhule has done... for ONE year

Just say it:

“I, Nico, made a wild assertion with my post was factually wrong and without merit. There are in fact many past and present successful head coaches who neither worked for YEARS as coordinators nor as players before, as I incorrectly presumed. Furthermore, being a career player has never proven to be adequate or even requisite prior training for becoming a successful head coach in the NFL.”

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9 minutes ago, nico002 said:

Just say it: Matt Rhule is a fraud 

You spelled every word wrong. I have no opinion on Matt Rhule one way or the other so this triggering attempt is another failed post.

Admit you were dead wrong, could not have been more wrong, and are now getting in deeper because you wish to protect a wildly ignorant and factually incorrect post.

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