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The most "New York" movie?

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On 1/17/2020 at 11:32 PM, The Crimson King said:

Mrs Crimson just saw this and wanted to add her two cents:

West Side Story and Rear Window

She also said that Saturday Night Fever is ineligible. The whole thing is made up. The movie is based on a New Yorker article by an Australian who was sent here and never left his hotel room. The characters, the style and the way they acted were all pure fiction. The venue wasn't anything more than a dive two blocks from where she grew up in Dyker Heights. Unfortunately, it caught in so big that the Odyssey became big time, kids (called China Dolls and Chisel Heads by the locals after this) started dressing and acting like it and the dance culture took over. Set back music 20 years at least. If nothing else though, the floor that Travolta danced on made it to the Guggenheim. 

As a Lamour metalhead teen growing up in Brooklyn at the time, hated the movie and hated disco. But the Bee Gees songs on the soundtrack are really good stuff. Oddly the Bee Gees wrote the music on spec without seeing any of the movie. The producers geave them some ideas about the plot, and they came up with the rest. Their songs hold up way better than a lot of music of any style from that time. 

The movie grows on me only as a piece of complete fiction. There were some very dumb cuigines back them, but from the movies you would think Brooklyn was a gorilla convention. Simply not the case . There was a lot more crossover than you might think.Sometimes Italian guys would go to rock concerts and Irish guys would go to dance clubs. 

"Staying Alive", the sequel, on the other hand, could be one of the worst money grab pieces of s__ ever made.

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9 hours ago, munchmemory said:

I grew up with a bunch of friends who were first generation Italians.  We were all long haired rockers who despised disco.  I can recall lots of clubs in Brooklyn and Long Island we went to which were bastions of rock before they changed over to disco/dance joints to meet the growing demand from Saturday Night Fever.  Folks forget, the Ramones as well as other "punk" bands were huge at that time and played all over that area.

Wish I could rep you for reminding me of L'Amour.  Think that was a club which originally began as a disco hang out but went over to rock but I may be wrong.  I saw The Plasmatics, White Lion, Zebra and so many other great bands there.  I miss those days.


Saw "Soft White Underbelly" there. Some oddity that Blue Oyster Cult's record company wouldn't let them tour arenas under a  certain size, so they instead pretended to be that to play local beer money  shows. Only a year or 2 before , saw them  on a joint bill at MSG with Dio/Black Sabbath. Think the record company knew and it was all BS, but a great show both times. 

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10 minutes ago, Jet_Engine1 said:

As a kid from Rockaway, I have to throw in an Honorable Mention...The Flamingo Kid. LOL.

The Marine Parkway Bridge as the kinda opening sequence....

Scorcese shot some footage of "The Irishman" along the roadway leading to the Silver Gull with old cars. Not clear to me watching it if any of it was  actually used. 

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