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I am okay with it taking 2 years for this team to get good enough to get into playoffs and win a game or 2; I am not okay having a sub-par team next year. If we could go 7-9 (yes with a soft schedule) this year with all of our problems, if we cannot get good enough with Darnold to go 9-7/10-6 next year it is a FAILURE. JD will have a complete offseason to get us good enough to do significantly better than last year (which may only translate to a few more wins) then we have a problem (coaching, drafting, or Darnold isn't the one).

IOW, a team with a potential franchise QB (and 2 years experience), a solid set of picks, and a good chunk of salary cap cannot win 9 or 10 games, the rebuild failed and we may have to consider major changes. I am tired of losing...

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2 hours ago, Jetsfan80 said:

If there are no better options, its fine to insert rookies into a "trial by fire" scenario.

I'm not advocating that though.  I just think we need to target several "lower tier" free agents rather than 1-2 top-end FA's.  

You know there is such a thing as a happy medium between lower tier FAs and top end FAs. They must have a name for these non-QB FAs. You know, something between marginal starters / has-beens, and the gargantuan-priced $18-23MM/year types. 


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