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How I would change the United States


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First of all I would stop bringing in these suits to lead this country. The most important quality a leader of a nation must have is dedication to protection of his country. We need a guy who is a very smart military strategist, and has an idea of what war is all about.

Secondly, I would change the presidents term from 4 to 16 years before election. The president needs time to install his system, and make a name for himself. The President is also allowed to run as many times as he wants to.

Third, I would demand 1 year of military service(not including training) for men coming out of high school. I would then shut down all the private colleges, and turn them into state funded institutions in which all men are allowed free education after they serve. This would even out the playing field, and the person who works the hardest will make the most money. All private schools(except for military boarding schools for out of control kids)for grades 1-12 will be eliminated as well.

This plan would make us a stronger, smarter, and more stable nation.

We would still be a capitalist democracy as the business would still be private, and elections will still occur.

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