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Would you TRADE Sam Darnold for Joe Burrow?

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Look I could be totally wrong. But one red flag I got on Sam last year is that he's a potential partier. Like after that Raiders W him and his teammates went out and the story was he was looking to hookup, had a lot of drinks and his teammates had to "take care" of him. And the next game played they lost to the Bungles.  Before that esp year one all we heard was the opposite of Sam he was down to earth, trying to learn his trade not going out late etc. Do I blame the guy personally, NO. If you had a chance to date supermodels and you're 21 why not. But I look at other NYC athletes esp Matt Harvey and you saw a guy who might have been great who's now in the minors. So most of the time you need a guy who isn't going to party esp in New York. 

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56 minutes ago, nico002 said:

And you claim you’re not a troll?

Why would you want to trade the #1 pick even up for Sam? He'd be going to a new team in the third year of his rookie deal. You just take Burrow starting on a 5 year deal.

It's a no brainer, unless the Jets give you a bunch of picks also.



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