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Outside Of Adams Do The Jets Have A Top Five Players At Any Position?

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3 hours ago, rangerous said:

imo, the jets have 5 players in the top 5 at their positions(or at least arguably so).  besides adams, there's mosely, maye, bell and darnold.


There is no argument whatsoever that Darnold is one of the 5 best QB's in the NFL. 

What kind of drugs does someone have to take to write this kind of tripe?

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7 hours ago, JetsFanatic said:

If the Jets go 12-4 but are 31st in offense next year who give a sh*t???

Can you tell me the last 12-4 team ranked 31st in Offense? :-k

Also, he wasn't 12-4.  He was 7-9.  So using your "judge by record" he is a loser.....till he shows otherwise.

7 hours ago, JetsFanatic said:

He went 6-2 in the 2nd half with healthy Darnold.

Beating up worse teams in meaningless garbage time.  He was 1-7 in games that mattered.

7 hours ago, JetsFanatic said:

I could give to sh*ts where the offense is ranked!

Really?  I'll ask again, how many Super Bowls have been won by team ranked 25-32 in Offense (the "Gase Zone").

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53 minutes ago, NYJ1 said:

You are so full of you know what. Stop associating every Jets offensive problem on Gase. That's not even half true. Adam Gase took over a team that was already horrendous on offense. Gase was also forced to coach players brought in by one of the worst GM's in team history. They had probably the very worst OL in franchise history. He was a GM that neglected the OL for his entire Jets career.

You always think that you're some sort of master debator or something? You're not. You're someone who consistently answers a posters opinion with your own OPINION and nothing more. 

The FACT is, and this is probably the ONLY fact, is that the Jets offense has been TERRIBLE regardless of who has been coaching it for years. It's not just Adam Gase. It's EVERYONE from REX Ryan to Todd Bowles to Adam Gase to Brian Schottenheimer to Tony Sparano to Marty Mornhinweg to Chan Gailey and a sh*t ton of others. I don't know, I lose count of all the people that produce the very SAME result.

What I will say and this is my OPINION:

1) I don't believe a single HC or OC the Jets have had has gotten a chance to run their offense with anything more than one or two players of their preference/liking? ALL of them have worked under less than ideal circumstances.

2) Gase deserves an opportunity to operate a Jets offense at least partially in his preference. I want to see what he can do with a revamped OL. He went 7-9 last season with a terrible roster. That's the best record the Jets have had in 5 seasons. 🚽went 10-6 in 2015 after the GM spent 50 million in FA. Based on that season alone the Jets gave 🚽an additional 3 seasons to coach the team. So I think Gase has earned at least one more season to see this thing through.

Just a wee bit triggered there, eh?

Amazing that in all that furious word soup, you still couldn't answer the one question I asked you:  Who was the last 12-4 team ranked 31st in Offense, and how many Super Bowls have been won by team ranked 25-32 in Offense (the "Gase Zone")?

As for it not being half true, I'm curious which fact you are in disagreement with:

1. That Gase was not 12-4 in 2019, he was 7-9.

2. That 7-9 is a losing record.

3. That Gase's team started 1-7 and was de facto eliminated prior to the 6-2 late run.

4. That of the 6 wins in the 6-2 run, most were against worse or equally bad teams (Dolphins, Giants, Redskins, Raiders).

5. That the "Gase Zone" is best described as being ranked between 24-32, Gase's actually Offensive ranking since becoming an NFL Head Coach?

As for your opinions, let me counter directly:

1. No NFL Head Coach works under ideal conditions.  If you're waiting for ideal conditions, you're never going to get them.

2. Gase's Offense was 100% "his preference" in 2019, he designed it, it was his playbook and his play calling.  It's 100% his.  The Roster may not be to his preference, and he has this coming offseason to change that.  

I will agree with one point as well, we have indeed sucked on offense for years now.  Which is why I find your dismissive "I don't care what the offense is ranked" comment so mind boggling.  I care, for the same reasons above and here:  31st ranked offenses do not win Super Bowls.  And the JEts have been all-in on Defense for over a decade, with multiple top 10 Defenses, and we've won little.....except for the years we also had good higher ranked offenses.  A high ranked, productive Offense is the key to winning in the NFL.  So every fan should care where we are ranked, and demand better.  They should not be excusing failure like a white knight who thinks Coach Gase will notice them and blow them kisses for their defense of him.    


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7 hours ago, NYJ1 said:

Keep up with the program Warfish. I didn't post that someone else did. Lol


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