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What nobody is mentioning re Tannehill/Gase

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1 hour ago, UnitedWhofans said:

In a very strong way, the success of Ryan Tannehill away from Adam Gase should be very encouraging for Jets fans. The reason is simple. It shows that Gase will not completely destroy Sam Darnolds career. He may hinder it but it will not destroy it. Which means that once Gase is fired (if he is) Darnold is completely salvageable and can grow quickly into an elite QB. Just look at Ryan Tannehill. 

Thank God. It's been rough this year.

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17 minutes ago, Jet Nut said:

Actually, you have to take an honest look at the talent on the field.

A lot more complicated than just screaming "Gase SUCKS", like you do at every turn.

An honest look shows only one thing a complete failure on the off side if the ball.

Get real man.

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4 hours ago, Jet Nut said:

So you thought, with the injuries especially, this was a better than 7-9 team.

Gotcha, I need to get real.  

Obviously even the most basic of gameplans would have won at least 2-4 more games..

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2 hours ago, Darnold Schwarzenegger said:

I think we can all agree that Todd bowles sucks right...


Here is Bowles worst season statistically on offense (2016)...

274 total points scored on the year

30th in points per game

26th in total yards

12th in rushing yards per game

27th in passing yards per game


And  let's compare that to gase 1 season with the jets


275 total points scored on the year

31st in points per game

32nd in total yards

31st in rushing yards per game

29th in passing yards


In conclusion,  Todd Bowles in his worst season statistically, still put up better numbers than gase.  The sad thing is that gase is supposed to be an offensive genius. He doesn't even know how to utilize Leveon bell. And let's not forget, this isn't his first season as a head coach. It's his 4th. If you think Adam gase is a good coach you might actually be brain dead. 


And Todd didn't have def TDs to oadd his numbers... Man remember the Todd bowles days on off...man Dem were da days

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