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If Ryan Tannehill wins today...

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Spotlight on Jets' coach: Let's play a game of hypotheticals: Sam Darnold injures a knee and misses the entire 2020 season. He returns in 2021, plays only 11 games due to an injury to his throwing shoulder and posts middling numbers. He gets traded in 2022, comes off the bench after a few games and leads his new team to the conference championship game.

Would you blame Adam Gase for holding him back in New York, or would you commend Darnold for capitalizing on a second chance? Any objective observer would say the latter.

That's food for thought on Championship Sunday. Just substitute Ryan Tannehill for Darnold.

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3 minutes ago, HawkeyeJet said:

I am not saying I believe or do not believe this statement, but I would be very interested to hear what is/was so toxic about Gase's system.

So far all I can tell about the way he runs his team is he's a bit of a hard ass and holds players highly accountable for their actions.  I personally don't believe that is a bad thing, but I can certainly see how it rubs certain players the wrong way 

That can't simply be it though.  There has to be something deeper that bothers some of these Dolphins players, and I'd love to hear what it really is because some of it on the surface just seems like sour grapes from ex players

Wallace wasn’t even there with Gase. He was there 2 years before with Philbin. It’s the organization. 

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