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If Ryan Tannehill wins today...

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So wait, you decided to participate in the other thread and then create this new thread? Because, it was kind of a new idea that registered in your head?

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5 minutes ago, HawkeyeJet said:

I am not saying I believe or do not believe this statement, but I would be very interested to hear what is/was so toxic about Gase's system.

So far all I can tell about the way he runs his team is he's a bit of a hard ass and holds players highly accountable for their actions.  I personally don't believe that is a bad thing, but I can certainly see how it rubs certain players the wrong way 

That can't simply be it though.  There has to be something deeper that bothers some of these Dolphins players, and I'd love to hear what it really is because some of it on the surface just seems like sour grapes from ex players

There is often a pendulum swing in coaching hires, that swings back and forth in each hire.

One only needs to look at what the Dolphins regime was under Joe Philbin (the predecessor to Gase) in Miami. Under Philbin the Dolphins endured the Richie Incognito bullying drama. Philbin was thought of to be soft spoken without a strong presence.

You can be sure that there was not a strong Head Coaching leadership in the locker room. There was not a sense of accountability.

This is what Gase walked into. It probably hurt some football players feelings, as that is not the manner that they viewed the NFL. That can be a sharp slap in the face to some.

Not too indifferent than what Gase seemed to walk into with the Jets. An entitled locker room that did not put an emphasis on accountability and discipline.


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