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AFC/NFC Championship Games Thread

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3 minutes ago, HawkeyeJet said:

You are making very reasonable points.  I've made similar statements and it just doesn't go anywhere.  It's not an unreasonable notion that he's not a MVP and Superbowl QB if he went to a dumpster fire of a situation.  That's very reasonable.  That's not saying he wouldn't be a good player(and you aren't implying that) but some people think a great QB can just erase most issues.  Maybe they can.  I don't believe that, but I could be wrong. They can hide some issues no doubt 


I'm comfortable saying that Mahomes is a better player than Darnold will ever be(regardless of situation) and passing over Mahomes to draft Adams will go down as one of the worst decisions the Jets have ever made --- and that's saying something considering how many bad decisions this franchise has made.


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1 hour ago, Losmeister said:

classic matchup.

strong run and D vs dynamic O


i suppose i'd rather see KC win. for their fans. SF has been a trophy rich sports city.

Fun facts from this season: The Chiefs D allowed less points than the SF D.  The 49ers O scored more points than the Chiefs O.

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