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LA city council passes resolution that urges MLB to award Dodgers the 2017&2018 WS titles


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4 hours ago, section314 said:

Thank goodness for our elected officials. They truly do make a difference.

They sure know how to kiss up to their voters.  If somehow MLB lost their collective mind and awarded the Dodgers those 2 titles (which of course won't happen) could you imagine how quickly this would spread to other politicians?!

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47 minutes ago, Lith said:

While they are at it, they may as well petition Goodell to award last year's Super Bowl to the Rams.  Not sure what they did, but it is safe to assume the Pats did something outside the rules suring last year's run.

Actually it should go to the Jets. Those other 31 teams cheated by doing stuff like drafting competent players, coaching at a professional level and making halftime adjustments and such. It is just not fair. 

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