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Today's South Senior Bowl Practice Recap

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    Hello again Jet Fans. The South just concluded and I am really excited about this upcoming draft.  Wish we had more than 7 picks. But having two 3's will be nice. 

So here we go.  First the Offensive line.   There were some ups and downs here.  First the ups. Damien Lewis is a load. You can't move him. He is built so low. He is a perfect ground game guard.  Also I have to give him this label....................The Nasty One. Logan Stenberg of Kentucky makes no friends. I love him.  Watch him in this draft.  And Jet fans Keith Ismael made me a believer. I am sorry Mccshay who stated that Cushenberry and Matt Hennessey of Temple were the best Centers in these practices. Now I do like both of them. Cushion berry looks great at times but than he has a clunker every once in awhile. Ismael did not have one bad play that I watched.  He is my riser on the Centers with the Mississippi St Center Daryll Williams who was outstanding in the East West Shrine game.   Another player I gave high accolades was Right Tackle Calvin Throckmorten of Oregon who is not on the roster but must be replacing someone.  He looked locked in and like a rock at RT tackle.   Now you have the see saw player Left OT in Terrence Steele who looked real good. Got to look at more tape on him.   Ben Bartch the Canadian OT had a better practice and looked stronger especially against some good competition. 

 Now the bad which is not as mush as the good but beside Cushenberry having some clunkers the Miss. St. Offense tackle Tyree Phillips would of gave up 3 sacks in about 8 plays.  Also Alex Taylor who I was excited yesterday didn't have a great day. You seen he is raw but his length looks like a basketball player. Get him into camp and work on his physical development. He does have some great moments when he has a defender in front of him you can't get by him.

   Now lets talk about the wide outs.  I am excited about this draft because of the wide outs that are available. Actually me and Todd McShay agree 100% about how many top receivers there are. We had a lot last year and we may even have more.  First lets talk once again about Van Jefferson. He is going to be real good. Nothing new here. But we got to see another stud in Jauan Jennings of Tennessee. He is a replacement.  Just another one on the list of real good tall and speedy receivers. This Combine is going to be well viewed by viewers like myself to watch them run their forty's.  Only negative here was Collin Johnson dropping an easy pass.   We did see Harrison Bryant a top TE make a play and he is another one of my favorite TE this year. No running backs made any plays but Eno Benjamin has incredible quickness. 

 Justin Herbert is a Stud Period. I disagree with McShay that he should not go before Tua. Incredible performance.  Look at Miami surprising everyone and grabs him instead of Tua.  Jalen Hurts was good and Montez was inconsistent. 

    Now the Defense. 

       Terrell Lewis of Alabama is a freak of nature.  Just wow.  Benito Jones and Robert Windsor are both loads to block and Jonathan Greenard looks fluid and an athlete. The best Cornerback in  all these practices was Dane Jackson.  Is this guy another Revis.  He is like glue. And the Oklahoma St Cornerback  A.J. Green is another. Oh the Tulsa Cornerback made some plays. His name Reggie Robinson. 

Before I go .  Blankenship got out kicked by the North Kicker easily and he gets all the hype. His ball didn't even get to the end zone and yesterday he missed two easy field goals.  So that is in 

      Thanks Guys  

Oh one player I Have to mention is Applachian St linebacker Akeem Davis Gaither who was all over the field.         

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