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39 minutes ago, Jet Nut said:

You make it sound like all JD has to do is snap his fingers and then he'll get offers of a 1 and a2.

Then snap them again and he'll have two all pro players in place of one.

It sounds like a good plan, an easy one to turn a all pro player into multiples.  Its just not that simple and rarely works that way in the end.



I love the guys who go on and on about Adams.

They don't want to pay him

His position doesn't affect Ws and Ls

He's a big mouth etc etc

Then they say, "We can get a 1 and a 2 or 3 for this guy..." :rl:

Because yeah, every other GM out there is looking for a guy looking for a huge contract, plays saf… ahh you get the idea. These posters are the geniuses, and the NFL GMs are the idiots, I guess.

These Adams threads just never stop, and it's always the same nonsense, just a different day.

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2 minutes ago, Warfish said:

It's not rocket science tbh.

Teams one piece away vs. teams 20 pieces away.

An All-Pro Safety might just help a "one piece away" team get over a hump, especially if they need Defense and their QB, WR, RB, O-Line are in a good place.

An All-Pro Safety doesn't really move the needle on a team dead last in the NFL on Offense and who is generally uncompetitive in the league as a whole. 

The respective values these two types of teams might place on a strong safety pass rusher may clearly be different.

If we need an example look no further than Minkah Fitzpatrick, traded away by a bad team (Phins) to a team that thought it might be one player away (till their QB got broken).  Phins weren't a playoff competitor with Minkah, he didn't move that loser franchise's needle.  They got a 1st and a 5th for him, and Adams is better (so I keep hearing here by Adams fans).

So a 1st and 3rd, maybe giving back a 5th, seems reasonable, and would help this loser Jets franchise get some base pieces we need more than a luxury position we don't.  

Here's the thing though.

If you believe that Dallas story (I don't btw), JD has already made it clear a 1st and a 3rd weren't enough to get Adams. Also, if Dallas WAS offering that, it was in hopes of making a playoff run this year. 

This season is over however. Now Dallas can pick up their safety in FA or the draft. Hell, according to the guys here, they can get one in the 4th or 5th round who will give them the same production Adams does, LOL

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11 minutes ago, Warfish said:

I do.


Also correct. 

But YOU clearly believe that view is incorrect, and that Adams is special, and makes a major difference.

So if YOU are right about that, then someone (not necc. Dallas) will also think Adams is that good, won't they?

And if so, and they need a Safety (like the Steelers last year), why wouldn't they offer a similar deal if the mighty All-Pro Adams can get them over a hump, move their needle, and win them games?  After all, don't YOU think Adams is that good, moves the needle, and wins games?

You can't have both ways either.  You cannot claim Adams is a major gamebreaker special player, then claim no one will want him.

Ah, but I never said I think "Adams is a major game breaker special" in this thread. 

What I said was "why do the guys who keep saying all the crap about him in these various Adams threads, think that other teams will be so quick to give up more then a 1 and a 3 for him?"

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BTW @Warfish

I respect your opinions here a lot, and we're usually in agreement on most issues. The only two I think we differ on is Gase, and what the Jets can get for Adams.

Here's what I think of Adams.

He's our best player by far. Would I like to keep him? Yes, but after his histrionics at the trade deadline, I then changed my view, and became open to a trade IF we could get a #1 pick plus at least a 3rd,

Where we differ here is I think you feel that's feasible. I do not.

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1 hour ago, TNJet said:

Probably fo's Hoes if I know Jamal like I think I do...

There's only one guy on this team who has that rep, and guess who that is?

(hint: it ain't Adams) \\:D/

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