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GOOOOD Morning


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Just curious. Why wasn't I given an invite? I'm used to the limo & red carpet treatment. I know you probably thought "Jetstone'll find his over, it's inevitable".

But...well....I found this site by fluke you know. What if I hadn't found it, then what?

I am sure Brooks would have been disappointed if you did not carry the torch for him - jetstone

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Well, see, Oscar and Felix (aka Tom and Max) were asked to remove themselves from their place of residence. That request came from the Sooth.


Thus was born the greatest Jets site known to man and woman.

P.S. Free search rules!

Did you see that thread when we started the site? I think it was one of the first threads I ever created here.

If I remember correctly I actually said, can two homos make it through a football season without driving each other crazy.

He made me change the homo reference. What a homo he is.

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