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Jamal Adams trade proposals


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17 hours ago, Rhg1084 said:

Jamal is a beast, best safety in the league, all pro player... all of this is without a doubt. With that being said, is still be interested to see what offered are out there. If we can get a 1 and 2 from Dallas that wohlf be huge. You can draft guys like Jeudy/Lamb with the first pick and maybe Becton with pick 17. Lots of edge rushers and talent in the second round too. The jets aren’t close to competing for a Super bowl  anytime soon. However, if we pull off a “Herschel Walker” type of deal it could help get lots of talent on this roster and rebuild real fast 

Hershel Walker type deal?  Zero chance.



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23 hours ago, Augustiniak said:

it's funny.  jamal adams completely panned out for the jets.  he is a very good football player, maybe better.  he has lived up to his draft expectations.  

and yet, the jets would be better off trading him for a pretty good offensive lineman.  this is a great lesson in positional value.  

Yeah, a lesson I positional value.

Proved out on a Jet board.  



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