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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Mafia - Game Thread

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NOTE:  This game will be based on the live action Ninja Turtles movie from 1990. 




New York City.  1990.  A crime wave rips through the Big Apple.  While investigative reporter April O’Neil slowly uncovers the source of the increase in crime, the underground, mysterious, ninja Foot Clan, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles fight crime from the shadows, led by mutant rat leader, Splinter.

As April gets closer to the truth, the head of the Foot Clan, Shredder, orders April to be silenced.  She is attacked by the Foot Clan, but is saved by the Ninja Turtles and brought to their home in the sewers.  She meets Splinter and the 4 Ninja Turtles for the first time.

Now this group forms an alliance and hopes to save the city from Shredder and the Foot Clan.   But can they uncover the villains quickly enough before they finish off the heroes? 




The players:


1.  CTM:  Charles Pennington (Vanilla Town)  Lynched D1

2.  Crusher --> Replaced by CTM:  Slice of Pizza (Vanilla Town) killed N3

3.  Brick --> Replaced by AJ:  Splinter (Town Doc)  Killed N6

4.  Stark:  Slice of Pizza (Vanilla Town)  Lynched D5

5.  @GATA

6.  Spoot, aka Tatsu, Scum 1x Role-Blocker, lynched D4

7.  SR24 --> Replaced by JVOR:  Danny Pennington (Vanilla Town)  Killed N7

8.  Drums, aka Chief Sterns, Police Chief of NYC (Vanilla Town)  Lynched D8

9.  JustEndTheSuffering:  Michelangelo (Vanilla Town) Killed N5

10.  Verbal:  Casey Jones (1x Vig)  Killed N2

11.  BUM-KNEE:  Foot Clan Member (Scum Goon)  Lynched D7

12.  jvill 51:  April O'Neil (Town Cop)  Killed N4

13.  pdxgreen --> Replaced by @deckerfan

14.  kdels62:  Leonardo (Vanilla Town)  Killed N1

15.  JiF:  Raphael (Vanilla Town)  Killed N1

16.  32EBoozer:  Pizza Delivery Man (Vanilla Town)  Lynched D9

17.  Beaver:  Foot Clan Member (Scum Goon)  Lynched D6

18. Smashmouth:  Shredder (Scum 1x Unlynchable)  Lynched D3

19. Jetscode 1:  Donatello (Vanill Town)  Killed N8

20. ID. --> Replaced by @Nynaeve

21.  Ape --> Replaced by Nolder --> Replaced again by @Integrity28  Mod-confirmed Vanilla Town (Hamato Yoshi, Splinter's trainer)  Killed N9

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Compulsory Co-Mods/Subs:  @Nolder, @Leelou, @Lizard King, @Jets Voice of Reason, @deckerfan



1.       DO NOT REVEAL YOUR CHARACTER AT ANY TIME.  IF YOU ARE UNSURE WHAT THIS MEANS PLEASE ASK IN YOUR PM.  You may reveal your role at any time.  Mass reveals are discouraged. 

2.       NO OUTSIDE COMMUNICATION IS ALLOWED.  You can only speak to one  another on the game thread or in a QuickTopic if you’re provided one. 

3.       When voting a player, you must post this in bold type.  For instance:  Vote Jetsfan80.  You may change your vote at any time during the day period.  To change your vote, make sure you UNVOTE.  For instance:  Unvote vote Verbal. 

4.       Each day, you will vote to lynch (remove from the game) one player.  If you are TOWN, You are looking to find SCUM (aka Mafia).  If you are SCUM you are looking to avoid getting lynched.  Majority vote rules.  I.E. if 11 players are alive, it takes 6 votes to lynch.  I will be very liberal about setting deadlines to lynch, since we have new players.  If/when I do set deadlines, we’ll go with HYBRID HAMMER (I.E. highest vote-getter at the time will be lynched.  If there is a tie in votes, I will select by random.org). 

5.       At night, the SCUM team will select a player to kill (remove from the game).  You will make these decisions with your teammates in your QUICKTOPIC (check your PM).  DO NOT reveal to the game that you are scum or have access to a QUICKTOPIC. 

6.       Each night, those of you with actions to perform (check your PM) will have 24 hours to submit your night actions, with the clock stopping on weekends (Friday, 5 PM EST).  If you are unsure if you have any night actions, communicate with me in your role PM. 

7.       The rest you’ll figure out as you go.  Ask lots of questions.  Whatever you do, don’t go off and do something dumb, like get yourself killed. 

8.       Lob lots of insults.  Especially at @JiF, @CTM, and @Verbal

14.  GFY



Note to newbies: Non-players are allowed to post in the game thread, but only if making jokes. They can't--and won't--comment on actual gameplay. Early game is more relaxed, and you'll see less of this as the game goes on. The same can be said of dead players. You can still be present and joke after you're dead, but you should avoid commenting on gameplay.

Something we we're also discussing in last game is that once you are dead, you should even refrain from upvoting (or downvoting) posts, UNLESS it is purely reacting to a joke. For example, don't upvote someone's reads list that you agree with. Again, as with non-players, the more the game ramps up, the less dead players will be joking around in thread. It's not forbidden, per say, but just "read the room" before you do so, and doing it too much may be distracting.

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Just now, 32EBoozer said:

I apologize, but will I screw up the game if I don't respond until the evening? Don't think I can do this at work..... too complicated for a newbie.

No not at all!  We're going to take our time with this game.  Catch up when you can.  Just keep in mind that with a game this large, it can get up to a bunch of pages in a few hours.  Don't feel overwhelmed though!  

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