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Building The NY Chiefs

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9 hours ago, slimjasi said:


A lot of different formulas have resulted in a SB title. 

Great defense/power running game (e.g. 2000 Ravens), explosive/high flying passing game (1999 Rams), jack of all trades team (most NE titles), etc. 

Let's start by drafting a some really good players at impact positions (OT, OG, WR, OLB, CB) and take it from there. 

Wrong, for you and the poster you replied to. 

It’s not about mimicking the Chiefs, not least there’s only one Mahomes. 

It’s about acknowledging the obvious reality of this NFL era: you must be able to light up the scoreboard first and foremost.  Playoff teams and SB winners/participants in recent seasons are a who’s who of the NFL’s highest scoring teams. Baltimore, KC, SF, New Orleans, Green Bay, Dallas, Minnesota, New England, Tennessee, Houston and so on. In this high scoring era middling offenses are generally wild cards at best in this era. Whereas in prior eras, you could win with a shutdown defense and a possession-based offense that did just enough. Now it’s the reverse and has been for years since the NFL became the new NFL, the National Fantasy (football) League. Defenders can barely lay a finger on a receiver past 5 yards - so scoring shot up dramatically for years now. 


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On 2/4/2020 at 11:19 PM, slimjasi said:

You are generally correct that scoring is the name of today’s game, but most SB winning teams in recent years have had at least a good defense (Eagles had the 4th ranked defense in 2017, the Pats had 7th ranked defense in 2018, the Broncos arguably had the best defense in the league in 2015, etc) and a few have had an elite defense. 

Championship teams usually have to be able to do both competently and there will always be examples of both dominant offenses and dominant defenses winning the super bowl.

There is no formula and there never will be 


Good points. 

Fact remains you basically can’t get to the SB now without a great, high scoring offense. Teams like Denver ‘15 are now the exception. 

The days of defensive, ground & pound  teams like them, ‘00 Ravens, ‘90/‘86 Giants, ‘85 Bears winning it all are essentially dead. This approach can still get you far. But now the odds are against it getting you over the SB mountaintop. 

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