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Hit Refresh - Sorry For the Blue - Site Issues

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Hey we are having problems with our theme right now. I just reset everything back to the default (blue). We should be able to post this way though while we work on the issues behind the scenes.

We are going to have to upgrade the site over the next day or so to fix this. But for now, welcome back and sorry that we were down for the last hour or so.

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1 hour ago, slats said:

I hope I'm not docked an hour's pay. I tried to log on, Boss! 

No we are just going to take it out of your PTO. You guys on the retiree plan are living the dream here, so we do have to crack down a bit.  :)

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I will have to upgrade the site one night this week. Hopefully tonight, but hopefully we are looking at no more than half an hour of downtime. We are several versions behind and there are some security alerts. So time to get caught up.

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